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Manilyn Manaloto Reynes-Jimenez, also known as “Elsa”, is a multi-talented, multi-platinum recording artist, one of the best actresses and a multi-awarded Filipina actress, singer, talented TV Host, teen idol, commercial model, horror queen, multi-media superstar, and dubbed as Star Of The New Decade of Philippine showbiz industry. She is also a mother of three boys, and a wife to Aljon Jimenez.

Reynes is also considered an original Philippine pop culture icon from the ’80s, even up to this present and also reaching her peak in the music world as an O.P.M Icon with many jukebox artists and female divas in the ’90s in her status her songs have been also covered by many Filipino artists including fellow Cebuana-Visayan native and fan herself Sheryn Regis who revived the song “Sayang Na Sayang” in 2008 to pay homage to her fellow Visayan and was part of her final album as Regis took hiatus from the entertainment industry.

She appeared in more than 40 movies as an actress and released some of the top hits songs during the late 80′ and 90’s.

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Shake Rattle and Roll VIII Movie (2006)Darna Movie (1991)Sa Piling ng mga Aswang Movie (1999)manilyn reynes movies
Minsan May Isang Ina (1983)Batang Quiapo Movie (1986)Shake Rattle and Roll IV Movie (1992)
Shake Rattle and Roll V Movie (1996)Shake Rattle and Roll VIII Movie (2006)Darna Movie (1991)
Shake Rattle and Roll III Movie (1991)Shake Rattle and Roll II Movie (1990)Multo in the City Movie (1994)
Aswang Movie (1992)56

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