Beauty and the Bestie (2015)

beauty and the bestieBeauty and the Bestie is a 2015 Filipino action comedy film directed by Wenn V. Deramas, starring Vice Ganda, Coco Martin, James Reid, and Nadine Lustre.

Beauty and the Bestie is the third highest-grossing Filipino film of all time next to The Super Parental Guardians (also stars Vice Ganda and Coco Martin). This is Wenn V. Deramas’ last film before his death on 29 February 2016.

Beauty and the Bestie Plot

Erika (Vice Ganda) isn’t making nearly enough money running a photography studio to support her family. The problem is exacerbated when his young nephew is diagnosed with a rare condition that may lead to blindness. That’s when his former best friend Emman (Coco Martin) suddenly shows up.

Emman works for the Elite Super Secret Task Force, a spy agency tasked with the security of an upcoming beauty pageant. Erika happens to look exactly like Ms. Uzeklovakia, who was abducted by terrorists led by a Japanese yakuza named Daemon Yu (Jacky Woo) and his Korean right-hand man, Jin Jhong (Ryan Bang).

Emman asks Erika to pretend to be Ms. Uzeklovakia while the agency searches for the real deal. Erika is still nursing some hurt from the way she and Emman ended things, ended up taking on the task in exchange for help in caring for her family.

Aside from all this, Erika’s younger sister Abi (Nadine Lustre) and Emman’s half-brother Tristan (James Reid) meet and end up falling in love. Erika must deal with his feelings for his former best friend while fending off terrorists and dealing with his worry for Abi’s budding romance. Can Erika solve his life puzzle?

Beauty and the Bestie Casts

Vice Ganda, Coco Martin, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Marco Masa, Alonzo Muhlach, Karla Estrada, Ryan Bang, Tetchie Agbayani, Valerie Concepcion, and many other

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