Baconaua Movie (Cinemalaya 2017)

Baconaua MovieBaconaua Movie stars Elora Españo, Therese Malvar, and JM Salvado as three siblings whose father was allegedly taken by a mythical sea serpent after he went fishing at the sea. Produced by Nicole Runi and Sara Santiago and directed by Joseph Israel Laban, this Pinoy indie film won Best Director, Best Cinematography for TM Malones and Special Jury Prize at the 2017 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

Baconaua Movie Plot Summary

Filmed in Maniwaya, Marinduque, 16-year old Divina (Elora Españo) and her two younger siblings Dian (Therese Malvar) and Dino (JM Salvado) lost their father while fishing at the sea. Town residents concluded that he was taken by a baconaua, a mythical sea serpent Ninety days later, Divina officially declared him dead but Dino believes he is still alive. Their mother had earlier left them and now has a new family.

One morning, the sea turned red and the town folks found tons of apples being washed away to the seaside. Shortly, policemen arrived to investigate how the apples went there. There are two important things to take note in this movie – the Spanish version of the Philippine National Anthem ‘Lupang Hinirang’ was sung in full, and the darkness in the entire film (even at daylight) which Direk Laban reportedly said was intentional.


Baconaua Movie Cast

Therese Malvar, Elora Españo, JM Salvado, Jess Mendoza, Anna Luna, Jeric Raval, Bembol Roco, Erlinda Villalobos, Suzette Ranillo, Isaac Cain Aguirre, Bon Andrew Lentejas, Angelina Qulao, Zenaida Villaruel, Asuncion Sumo, Mercy Soleta, Reta Lumagbas, Mark Ola, Ron Lord Dencio Gagarin, Valentino Nite, Jonathan Quinto, Jay Vincent Samadan, Isaac Ravanera, Pelarica Aquino, and Roseta Sol

Watch Baconaua Full Movie

We don’t have the full copy of Baconaua Movie. Make sure to come back for updates on the full movie to be posted here once it becomes available online. For the meantime, watch the full movie trailer below.

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