Darna Movie (1991)

Nanette Medved Darna movieDarna Movie stars Nanette Medved as Darna and Narda. Created by Mars Ravelo, produced by Viva Films and directed by Joel Lamangan, this thirteenth and dubbed as the best Darna movie earned 5 nominations including FAMAS Award Best Supporting Actress for Pilar Pilapil and Best Child Actor for Atong Redillas, and eventually won Best Visual Special Effects award for Carlos Lacap and Best Makeup award for Cecille Baun at the 1991 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Darna Movie Plot Summary

In this Darna movie, Narda has two younger brothers Ding (Atong Redillas) and Dong (Tony Lambino). The movie starts in 1900 somewhere in South America, where Dominico Lipolico (Edu Manzano) killed all his companions after he found a magical necklace that can give him youth and power. Fast forward to 1975 in the Philippines, Isabel (Nida Blanca) takes care of her three grandchildren after their parents died.

The young children are young Narda (Francine Prieto), young Dong (Paolo Contis) and Ding, who is still a baby. One night, a fairy (Vina Morales) appeared in front of Narda and told her that she will be Darna, a superhero who will fight all kinds of evil. Shortly, a flying stone went inside her mouth and Narda swallowed it. Then, fast forward to present time, Narda is now a young woman (Nanette Medved).

That time, Darna has already beaten some evil creatures and only Dong (Tony Lambino) and Ding (Atong Redillas) know that Narda is Darna. Narda works in Manila as a news journalist, along with George (Tonton Gutierrez). Later, Lipolico pretended to be a philanthropist and visited the Philippines. However, he created Impakta (Bing Loyzaga) and Valentina (Pilar Pilapil) to help him in his evil activities.


Darna Movie Cast

Nanette Medved, Nida Blanca, Edu Manzano, Pilar Pilapil, Tonton Gutierrez, Bing Loyzaga, Dennis Padilla, Atong Redillas, Donna Cruz, Tony Lambino, Dencio Padilla, Errol Dionisio, Archi Adamos, Ray Ventura, Boy Roque, June Hidalgo, Jim Pebanco, Carmi Matic, Guila Alvarez, Roland Montes, Rachel Alejandro, Herbert Bautista, Manny Castañeda, Joko Diaz, Keempee de Leon, IC Mendoza, Vina Morales, Jinky Oda, Oskar Peralta Amy Perez, Cherry Pie Picache, Daria Ramirez, Richard Reynoso, Sylvia Sanchez, Raymart Santiago, Jimmy Santos, Jeffrey Veloso, Mary Walter, Ruby Rodriguez, Kris Aquino, Paolo Contis, Janice de Belen, Subas Herrero, Joey Marquez, Francine Prieto, Manilyn Reynes, Lorli Villanueva and many more.

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