Pag Oras Mo Oras Mo Na (2000)

Pag Oras Mo Oras Mo NaPag Oras Mo Oras Mo Na is an action movie starring Phillip Salvador as Capt. Victor de Leon, a dedicated cop but became an alcoholic after his son was killed by someone who tried to kill him. Produced by Viva Films and directed by Augusto Salvador, this Phillip Salvador film also features the liquidation of corrupt top-ranking police officials.

At the start of the movie, De Leon and his men were able to stop an illegal business transaction in a cemetery. But after the gunfight, they discovered that some of the bandits were policemen under Gen. Montero (Bob Soler), who has a beautiful daughter lawyer, Atty. Montero (Sunshine Cruz).

One day, De Leon had an encounter with Marco (Chuck Perez), the man who killed his son, and he was able to kill him. Later, Gen. Montero was abducted by a vigilante group and killed him, and Atty. Montero considers him as the prime suspect to the killing of her father. But is De Leon really not involved considering that he hates corrupt policemen?

Pag Oras Mo Oras Mo Na Movie Cast

Phillip Salvador, Sunshine Cruz, Joko Diaz, Bob Soler, Jun Aristorenas, Ace Espinosa, Jaime Fabregas, Chuck Perez, Via Veloso, Sylvia Sanchez, Rene Hawkins, Iwi Nicolas, Mandy Ochoa, Denver Razon, Edwin Reyes, Emil Sandoval, Jimwell Stevens, Mark Anthony Wilson, and many more.

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