Sanggano Movie (1997)

Sanggano MovieSanggano Movie stars Cesar Montano as a street goon who fell in love with a woman Judy Ann Santos at the wrong place at the wrong time. Produced by Mega Vision Films and Cinemax Studios and directed by Toto Natividad, this action romance drama film is the first and only movie together of Cesar and Judy Ann.

Sanggano Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Cesar Montano and Judy Ann Santos play Diego and Angelica, respectively, and they like each other secretly. Diego is a street goon while Angela is a street vendor who has an irresponsible mother Clara (Evangeline Pascual) and older sister Susan (Mikee Villanueva). On the other hand, Diego has a friend-policeman Raymond (John Estrada), who helped him while he was growing up.

One day, a syndicate led by Marcos (Johnny Vicar), Raymond’s father invited Diego to join them but he refused. One night, there was a failed ambush on Diego and he suspects Marcos as the mastermind. Apparently, Marcos is also Clara’s second husband. Later, Marcos tried to rape Angelica but Diego arrived and killed Marcos while defending himself. Now, Raymond wants justice for his father.


Sanggano Movie Cast

Cesar Montano, Judy Ann Santos, John Estrada, Mikee Villanueva, Evangeline Pascual, Johnny Vicar, Zandro Zamora, Niño Muhlach, Pen Medina, Ernie Forte, Chris Aguilar, Rene Hawkins, Rando Almanzor, Zambo Romero, Julius Bautista, Sunshine Manhilot, Jensen Manhilot, Jay-Ar De Luna, Tom Olivar, Charlie Boy Wilkom, Ronnie Francisco, Ric Sanchez, Ama Quiambao, Benjie Bautista, and many more.

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